Hi everyone, my name is Jocelyn, but most people know me as Jocie. I am a sophomore Communication major at the University of Maryland. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Some of my hobbies include singing in my a cappella group, drawing portraits of friends and family, playing softball, and journaling.

As a person who cares deeply about social change, I am a huge proponent of LGBT rights. I have many close friends who identify as members of the community and believe strongly in the importance of equal rights for LGBT people. In high school, I started a group called Sexuality, Interpersonal Relationships, and Identity (SIRI) as a platform to discuss equality for the LGBT community, among other issues.

Because of this, I have always been very emotionally invested in the transgender bathroom debate. It is crucial to me that my transgender peers have the same rights that I do, no matter which state they are from. I feel passionately that every person should have the opportunity to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. I look forward to exploring more of the intricacies of this debate through this blog.