In the above TED Talk, Ivan Coyote addresses the issue of transgender bathrooms. Ivan was born female, but now identifies as a man. Through his story viewers can get an inside look into obstacles that transgender individuals face every day. Ivan tells stories of experiences he had upon entering women’s or men’s bathrooms and the horrible treatment he faced after not being welcome in either one.

As we hope for the popularization of gender neutral bathrooms being installed in all public spaces, Ivan has decided to stick to the men’s room; however, he addresses another common transgender issue that goes hand-in-hand with bathrooms: public locker rooms. Although transgender bathrooms can be created with stalls, trans people also need a safe space to change. Some people are uncomfortable seeing transgender people in a space originally created to purposefully divide genders for the comfort of men and women while changing. However, if there are individuals of both genders uncomfortable with having trans people in their locker rooms, where are those individuals supposed to change? Ivan brings attention to the issue of changing rooms for transgender individuals and reminds viewers that, no matter how an individual identifies, every person deserves to feel safe upon entering a bathroom or locker room.