(Photo: Colorado Springs Gazette)


When considering the transgender bathroom debate, it may seem obvious to note that granting transgender students federal bathroom protections will help them feel accepted and safe. However, it may be more difficult to imagine that these protections may prove extremely economically beneficial.

Take, for example, North Carolina, one of the instigating states in the transgender bathroom debate. The state’s “bathroom bill” prohibiting transgender people from using the restrooms of their choice will reportedly cost the state more than $3.76 billion due to lost business, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Because of their outrage toward the bill, people and organizations have recently tried to avoid giving money to the state of North Carolina. This has led to several major revenue losses. For example, the state canceled plans for the creation of a new PayPal facility that could have earned the economy $2.66 billion. Additionally, the NCAA is avoiding use of the state as a host site for championship games so long as it continues to endorse the bathroom bill. On March 27 the Associated Press released a detailed analysis of North Carolina’s financial loss due to the bill.

The enforcement of federal transgender bathroom rights would require North Carolina, along with all other states, to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice. Due to this universal protection, people and companies that support transgender rights would no longer have reason to boycott the states for failing to grant this protection.

With the additional revenue from organizations like PayPal and the NCAA and from ordinary citizens, state economies would be able to build themselves back up. LGBT rights organizations would also be more inclined to contribute financially to state efforts.

Not only would federal rights for transgender people benefit state economies, but outspoken state support of these rights would further bolster them. States should speak out in support for the transgender community in order to build positive, tolerant reputations that will encourage people to contribute to their economies. In this way, supporting the right of transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice is a simple step that can greatly benefit the wellbeing of the economy.